Chlorodimethylsilane CAS:1066-35-9CAS number : 1066-35-9

Chemical Name : Chlorodimethylsilane

Application : Agrochem or Pharmaceutical intermediates

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Synonym Chlorodimethylsilane
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Product Description:

Chemical Name:Chlorodimethylsilane
Synonyms:Dimethylchlorosilane; chloro(dimethyl)silicon; ChlorodiMethylsilane;
Molecular Formula:C2H7ClSi
Molecular Weight:94.61550
Physical and Chemical Properties:
Melting point:-111oC;
Boiling point:34.7oC;
Flash point:-25oC;
Index of Refraction:1.383;
Appearance:Colorless clear liquid
Packing:170 kg/drum, can also be packaged according to customer requirements
Storage:Store in a cool, ventilated place
Application:All chlorosilanes react with water to produce hydrogen chloride. The remaining hydroxyl group bonds to the silicon, initially forming a silol group(analogous to alcohol). In general, this will eventually bond to a solid oxide surface or react with another chlorosilane or silol molecule. In the latter cases, the oxygen atom forms a link between two silicon atoms, analogous to the ether linkage in organic chemicals, and identical to the bonding in silicon dioxide.
Organic chlorosilanes are usually used as coatings for silicon and glass surfaces, and in the production of silicone(polysiloxane)
Methyl chlorosilanes have one to three methyl groups. In the case of dichlorodimethylsilane, two chlorine atoms are available, so thata reaction with excess water produces a linear chain of ether-like linkages between silicon atoms. As in polyethers, these flexiblelinkages produce a rubbery polymer, polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Trichloromethylsilane can be used to induce branching and crosslinking in PDMS molecules, while chlorotrimethylsilane serves to end backbone chains, limiting molecular weight.

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