N-Acetyl-DL-Alanine CAS:1115-69-1CAS number : 1115-69-1

Chemical Name : N-Acetyl-DL-Alanine

Application : Agrochem or Pharmaceutical intermediates

Product Information
Structural Formula
Synonym N-Acetyl-DL-Alanine
N-Acetyl-DL-2-aminopropionic Acid
DL-Alanine, N-acetyl-
2-Acetamidopropanoic acid
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Product Description:


Solubility in water Colorless & clear (c=5)
Loss on drying Not more than 0.5%
Residue on ignition (as sulfate) Not more than 0.2%
Chloride (Cl) Not more than 0.05%
Heavy metals (as Pb) Not more than 10ppm
Iron (Fe) Not more than 10ppm
Assay 98.5%~101.0%

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