2-(7-methoxynaphthalen-1-yl)ethanamine,hydrochloride CAS:139525-77-2CAS number : 139525-77-2

Chemical Name : 2-(7-methoxynaphthalen-1-yl)ethanamine,hydrochloride

Application : Agrochem or Pharmaceutical intermediates

Product Information
Structural Formula
Synonym 2-(7-methoxynaphthalen-1-yl)ethanamine,hydrochloride
7-Methoxy-1-naphthaleneethanamine HCl
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Product Description:

Chemical Name: 2-(7-methoxynaphthalen-1-yl)ethanamine,hydrochloride
CAS.NO: 139525-77-2
7-Methoxy-1-naphthaleneethanamine HCl

Molecular Formula:C13H16ClNO
Molecular Weight: 237.72500

Physical and Chemical Properties:
Density: /
Boiling point: 383.1ºC at 760 mmHg
Melting point:188 ~189°C
Flash point: /
Refractive index: /

Appearance: White crystalline powder

 25kg  cardboard drum or according to customer specified requirements
Storage: Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.
Intermediates of Agomelatine  CAS:138112-76-2

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