guanine CAS:73-40-5CAS number : 73-40-5

Chemical Name : 2-amino-6-oxypurine

Application : Agrochem or Pharmaceutical intermediates

Product Information
Structural Formula
Synonym 2-amino-6-oxypurine
6H-Purin-6-one, 2-amino-1,7-dihydro-
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Product Description:

Chemical Name:guanine
6H-Purin-6-one, 2-amino-1,7-dihydro-
Molecular Formula:C5H5N5O
Molecular Weight:151.12600
Physical and Chemical Properties:
Melting point:>300ºC
Boiling point:591.4ºC
Flash point:311.4ºC
Index of Refraction:2.047
Appearance:White to off-white powder
Loss on drying:≤0.5%
Heavy metal:≤10ppm
Single impurity:≤0.5%
Sulfated ash:≤0.2%
Packing:25 kg/drum, can also be packaged according to customer requirements
Storage:Store in a cool, ventilated place
Application:Guanine is one of the five nucleobases incorporated into biological nucleic acids. Guanine, along with adenine and cytosine, is present in both DNA and RNA, whereas thymine is usually seen only in DNA, and uracil only in RNA. Aciclovir EP Impurity B.

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